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The 8 Anime of Spring 2020 You Should be Watching

The AniTAY seasonal anime recommendation list is back with another batch of series for Spring 2020. Every season, the AniTAY authors from around the globe congregate in the great AniTAY anime conference room (discord) to select, debate, and painstakingly narrow down a list of our favorite shows of the season. Thanks


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The Best Anime Knights, Ranked

From sword wielding heroes to ruthless pursuers of “Justice,” everyone likes a knight in shining armor. But not every knight is equal. The following is a definitive list of the best knights in Anime from worst to best.

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“People are not born human. They become human.” Based on the French comic (or “manfra”) of the same name by Tony Valente, 2018’s Radiant was an ambitious newcomer eager to make its mark in the overcrowded field of shonen. As the first season moved past its formal introductions and into its main story line, it quickly


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The 14 Anime of Winter 2020 You Should Be Watching

The new decade will surely bring with it many ripples that will tear at the fabric of our very society as we know it. Thankfully, we can be assured of two things in such a tumultuous time: there will be a new anime season every three months, and AniTAY will show up around two months into the season to offer our


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Dark Aether's Top 13 Anime Theme Songs From Fall 2019

Welcome to a very special edition of my seasonal anisong round up, a list of some of my favorite openings, endings, and soundtracks of the season. Normally, I publish this closer to the end of the season or start of the next one, but I’m starting this one slightly ahead of schedule as we have some exciting and ongoing

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What The Hell Is Going On With Babylon? We Are Not OK.

Buried as it is on Amazon Prime, perhaps not many anime-viewers have yet unearthed the psychological thriller Babylon. The first 7 episodes are currently available, with episode 8 delayed until December 30th for reasons that may become apparent. This article will help you to decide whether you should risk the

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The 12 Anime of Fall 2019 You Should Be Watching

The anime industry churns out a new selection of productions every three months like clockwork, and in a similar fashion we here at AniTAY follow up two months later with our favorites of the current anime season. There’s a ton of content to sift through each cycle, and I imagine that for most of you it is not


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<i>Radiant </i>Returns With One Of Its Most Emotional Episodes

When Radiant concluded its first season back in winter of this year, its first story arc ended on a key note that came to define the narrative and direction the series was heading into. Though there has been no shortage of amazing new shonen titles and highly anticipated sequels this year, I’ve had a lot to time to