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Some Unused Article Ideas For SixTAY Days of Writing (2019)

It’s the last week for the SixTAY Days of Writing and I’m getting to a good stopping point to wrap things up, so I thought it might be fun to take a very quick tour of some of the ideas I originally had in mind early on but never got around to starting. Note that these titles are simply placeholders to give you an idea of what it might have looked like:

Tips for Fire Emblem Heroes

My only regular game that I’ve somehow haven’t fallen off yet since launch, I wanted to do an updated take on this as the game has changed quite a bit since its debut in 2017.


A lot of what Kotaku wrote still applies, but I wanted to include some advanced tips for people with a little more experience under their belt and for those jumping into the game now by narrowing down the areas to focus on (skills, merges, grinding tips, etc.).


Status: Not quite dead, but with the game constantly changing, it might be a fool’s errand to take this on, especially for a daily post challenge like SixTAY Days.

Why I Didn’t Have a 2o18 GOTY or All The Games I Played Last Year

I teased this one last week and actually started a new post only to come up blank when it came to writing it, which resulted in the post you see now!


When it came down to it, I had trouble remembering every major game I played, much less finished last year. The two I most remember fondly was Spider-Man and God of War, the latter of which is the closest thing to a GOTY right up until I started doing the optional endgame content and was ready to move on.

Status: Dead. Besides, I spent the latter part of the year playing Bloodborne and almost finished it, so I have nothing new to add.


Why The MegaMan Battle Network Series Is The Best

Here’s an idea I originally had prior to the start of the SixTAY Day challenge. It was on my shortlist of articles I had planned to write and....... I completely dropped the ball on it. By the time July rolled around, it was a struggle keeping up on a day to day basis when a little thing called life decides to tap your shoulder and interrupts your chain of thought.


Status: Not Dead Yet. This may be something I’d like to tackle next year, so I’m saving this one for a rainy day.

Some Thoughts on The Rising of The Shield Hero

I really thought I was going to do this one. Following the write up I did for Radiant earlier in the year, I wanted to do another similar style of article when the right show came along and I was pretty confident I had found my next topic. Given the amount of time I allotted on that article, I likely would have needed a few days or a free weekend to squeeze it in, and with the summer season now in full swing and other shows taking my time, I might have missed my window.


Status: Dead, but transported to another world. An interesting opportunity came along to share my opinion, so not all is lost. Stay tuned.

Some Thoughts About Black Clover’s Tournament Arc

A very early idea I had in mind during my first month of this challenge, but I never found the right angle on how to tackle it. Honestly, I will never get tired of hearing Zora bad mouth everyone (I wish I had the clip of it here), which is the real highlight of this arc.


Status: Dead, but I might cover this show at some point during its run.

Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru - Impressions

One of the more recent ideas I had in mind. Since it is an ongoing series, I have a bit more wiggle room on how to approach it. The major theme I wanted to focus on was how it differs from Naruto and some of the complex story elements as it is a completely different beast from the author’s previous work.


Status: Not Dead Yet. I’m still reading the series on a weekly basis through the Shueisha app, so it hasn’t left my mind yet.

I Started One Piece Again And Oh God, What Have I Done?!

Title says it all.

Status: Possibly dead? The SixTAY Days is over now for the most part, so I doubt I’ll have motivation to come back to this.


Marvel’s Phase 4 Plans

You know, I’m surprised I didn’t cover this one. I remember chatting briefly about it on discord and it never turned into a need to do a full blown article.


Status: Dead.

A Toonami Related Piece

There has been some recent changes with Toonami’s lineup, including two new shows recently acquired as part of their lineup (Fire Force, Gen:Lock), which is giving some mixed signals as far as what their future will look like moving forward.


Status: Not Dead Yet. I have a few suggestions for content I’d like to see on the platform, but that’s a story for another time.

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