The State of Aether - 6/1/19

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This isn’t a regular post from me, but from time to time, I like to give a quick status update on what’s going on in my life or what I have coming down the writing pipeline. In the future, I’d like to focus more on the latter, but for this introductory post, I need to vent a little and talk about something personal that happened to me in the last 48 hours.


This post might be a bit uncomfortable for some as I allude to a recent event that implies physical abuse, but I’ll avoid going into too much detail.

Originally, I had a much different post in mind to kick off the start of the SixTAY Days of Writing challenge, but my circumstances were literally rocked yesterday morning, and now I’m not sure how much of an impact it will have on my day to day life, and by extension my writing time here.


My relationship with my father has always been a troubled one, and its something I had planned to discuss for an upcoming AniTAY article as I felt I could sympathize to that situation. Up until recently, we’ve “tolerated” each other for the sake of the family and keeping some form of order. For years, we’ve maintained a form of “co-existence” despite our personal opinions of one another. We rarely talked before, but now I think we’ve reached the point of no return:

Following a disagreement, he did something he hasn’t done in over a decade. With a closed fist, he struck me in the arm while I was in the driver’s seat.


To backtrack a little, there has been a simmering tension growing between us over the last few months. At the risk of escalation, one of us would usually cave in just to avoid dealing with the other further. The man’s short fuse was inevitably going to blow, but I never expected it would be for something so petty as my driving not being up to his “standards.” I considered returning the favor, but couldn’t risk starting a fight with me still behind the wheel. I threatened legal action the next time he put his hands on me, so we’re on less speaking terms, if that’s even possible now.

The rest of my family living here has been made aware, so they’ve managed to put some distance between us for now. To make a painfully long story short, I’ve come to realize I can’t stay at my current residence. This probably won’t be for a while, but I need to start considering my options and finally ditching this place for good.


All that being said, I’m not going anywhere here. I still plan to continue writing as time permits. I don’t have an ETA yet on how long it will take me to move out as I get my finances and personal matters in order. It’s also a decision I can’t make lightly as I currently provide some financial assistance to this house and have to consider who will take up that responsibility once I leave (God forbid the old man decides to dump it on top of someone else here). In other words, I’m in this for the long road....

I apologize in advance if this got too bleak. Again, this isn’t my usual writing; at least not the writing I prefer to create. Tomorrow I plan to post my more informal introductory to the SixTAY Days of Writing.


Thanks for reading. Dark Aether out.

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