The State of Aether (6/22/19) - Movie Week!

Shin Godzilla
Shin Godzilla

On today’s The State of Aether, I’m catching up on old films and I let you choose my next film!


Due to a bit of free time that has recently opened up, I’m taking the opportunity to comb through some of my movie backlog, starting with Shin Godzilla.

My first bit of exposure to this film actually came from a review of the most recent Godzilla film which led me to another review. I wasn’t a big fan of the 2014 film, which itself was a serviceable, if somewhat unmemorable film that I probably couldn’t retell off the top of my head. While I have plans to watch the sequel at some point, Funimation quietly added a few films this month to their premium app which led me to Shin Godzilla.


The short answer is it rules.

Atomic Barf.

Much like the 2014 film, there is a heavier emphasis on the humans. But where the former fell flat, Shin Godzilla plays it up immediately as the Japanese Government is pressured to contain the beast while navigating the messy bureaucracy and decision-making that would actually need to take place before anyone can do anything. This blend of both satire and frighteningly human realism of how any national power would react in this situation makes for a surprisingly deep and entertaining monster film.

I actually watched with English dubs which is done by Funimation. It’s a bit weird at first to hear several of these veterans voice over a live action film (I just had to hear this), but with so many of the characters already hamming it up or being absolutely blunt, it adds another dimension in this already strange movie that features a vomiting, glowing lizard. Regardless of what version you watch, Shin Godzilla..... is a bloody good time.


No, seriously.

Let this nightmare fuel sink in.

So the other reason for this post is I have a few more films I’d like to get through the end of next week, if possible. Here’s my short list:

  • Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple
  • A Silent Voice
  • Your Name (I’ve seen it already, but plan to rewatch)
  • Psycho-Pass: The Movie

Pretty sure I’m missing a movie in my Netflix queue somewhere, but it might come back to me. Let me know which of these I should prioritize, or feel free to list some of your own (anime or in general). And speaking of Netflix:

....Not Dead Yet.


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