Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace note
Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace note

On this The State of Aether, I’ve got a weekend story, another quick writing update, and I run through some very quick impressions of several anime shows that I started this week.


Dark Aether: Far From Home

My weekend was pretty much hijacked due to some relatives visiting out of town. One Saturday afternoon after getting back from watching Spider-Man and doing some shopping, I met our guests on the way back and was unexpectedly pulled into another mini shopping trip to help pick out a specific game console for one of them. They were dead set on getting an Xbox One, but without an Internet connection or a decent TV with HDMI, I had my doubts it would be feasible for their setup. Still, we got to talking for a bit before someone roped us into renting a movie. We rented a foreign film I can’t for the life of me remember the title, and I had basically burned out halfway through after spending most of the day out of the house.


It was past 11 and I didn’t have the energy to write anything, so this song came to mind.

Saturday’s post:


It was past midnight and everyone was still up or attempting to wind down and call it a night. Between all the legs moving, the lights powered on, and the constant voices coming from the other rooms, I wanted to bang my head against the wall, but eventually I blacked out. It was later I would find out some of them didn’t go to bed till 2 am and one of the kids demanded to keep the light on (they sleep with a night light at home), but I didn’t wake back up until the following morning, so I guess my night wasn’t the worst!

I decided to sleep in while the rest of my family took our guests out. Thinking I’d have the morning to myself, I went back to bed and started streaming something on my phone until I heard a knock on my door. “Uncle Aether, let’s play some video games!” Goddammit.


Sunday’s post:


Upcoming Projects

TL;DR, I didn’t get to work on anything significant last weekend. However, I did finally edit down and publish this little article Monday after teasing it for so long.


A lot of it had already been written weeks prior, but I cut down quite a bit as I realized I was getting off topic the more I discussed my personal history. Ultimately, that angle was dropped in favor of adding a small section for the season finale that kinda sums up my feelings nicer than my initial draft. This was one of the harder undertakings I’ve taken this year (possibly since I started posting on TAY/AniTAY) since it deals with an issue close to me, but I’m glad I was finally able to put it out there.


The intro to the Spring 2019 Anisong round up was supposed to go up last Sunday, but that didn’t happen (see above). I’ll probably revisit it towards the end of the week since I want to get started on it before the summer season completely sinks in.

We’ve still got three weeks left in the SixTAY Days challenge, so I’m just trying to keep a float as most of these posts have been improvised the day of publication.


Summer Anime 2019 Impressions (7/8 - 7/10)

The summer season technically kicked off last week with some heavy hitters right out of the gate, but plenty of new shows debuted in between then and now. Here’s a quick preview of what I’ve watched:

  • Vinland Saga: A nice little transition from Dororo on Amazon Video trading ronin for Vikings. From Wit Studio (Attack on Titan, which also wrapped up), this could be the highlight of the season along with Fire Force and Dr. Stone.
  • To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts: A fantasy take on the US civil war, but all you really need to know is it has this guy.
  • The Ones Within: A bunch of game streamers are kidnapped and taken to play a dangerous game that is being livestreamed. Is this considered an isekai? Honestly, it’s a bit of Danganronpa, but not sure if it has the cleverness and stakes of that one to match.
  • Cop Craft: Here’s one I didn’t know about until recently. A cop is forced to team up with a knight from another world after an incident brings them together. From the first episode, this one is looking like a fun buddy-cop show to fill the void Double Decker left behind a few seasons back, albeit in a darker tone with an emphasis on crime and discrimination.
  • Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace note: Possibly the longest title this season that isn’t an isekai. A direct sequel to Fate/Zero following Waver Velvet (now El-Melloi II) and his apprentice (featured in the cover image above). One of the few Fate properties not in Netflix jail, it’s a slow pilot, but given how I’ve enjoyed some of the Fate side stories more than the main Stay/Night ones, I’m willing to give it a shot.

What are you watching or looking forward to? Are any of you actually watching any of the other isekai shows that premiered recently and what are your thoughts?

...Not dead yet.


Track: Mystery of a Blood Red Rose | Artist: Avantasia | Album: Ghostlights

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