The State of Aether (7/24/19) - Aether Lost in Space

Astra Lost in Space
Astra Lost in Space
Screenshot: Funimation

Today on The State of Aether, I’ve got nothing in particular to write, so I’ll share some stuff I’ve got either in the pipeline or ideas I’m brainstorming for future posts.

  • Spring Anisong List Day 5. I need to wrap this one up soon, so I’ve got one more entry and then will post the “finished” article sometime next week once I’ve had a chance to polish it up and add a proper conclusion.
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses launches this Friday, so this will probably be quick post (Question of the Day, The Playlist, etc.).
  • I’m thinking of doing something for the KyoAni appreciation week, but I feel I’d have to re-jog my memory for the show I have in mind (TBD).
  • The 2018 GOTY (or lack of a definitive one).
  • At least one more The State of Aether, which will be a final overview of the SixTAY Days of Writing and progress report.

That still leaves two days open (three if you count yesterday’s missed post) before the end of the month, but this list is a start assuming I don’t just fill one of those with a short post. In the meantime, I’ve got some thinking to do.

.....Not Dead Yet.

Oh, I suppose I should say something about today’s featured anime header. Well, you see...



Track: Somewhere Out in Space (Remastered) | Artist: Gamma Ray | Album: Somewhere Out in Space (original); The Best (Of)

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