The State of Aether (7/31/19) - SixTAY Day Finale

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After two months of almost non-stop writing, it all comes down to this. Today, I chart my progress one last time, list my favorite posts, and some closing words to finish this challenge.

Progress Report (60 Days)


Some previous stats from my last check in (6/1 - 6/30):

  • Number of Posts: 30
  • Number of Written Articles (more than a few words): 21
  • Number of Shorter Posts (The Playlist, News, etc.): 9

Now let’s see what the past month has looked like:

Week 1:

The first week of July coincided with Independence Day and Anime Expo, so I got very little done with some unexpected visitors joining us over the weekend (more on that in the second week).

I also didn’t sleep that Saturday. :(


Week 2:

Tried to get back on track and finally finished one of my major AniTAY related pieces I had started the month prior.


This was also the week I put out the first of my Spring Anisong live list and things got a bit more complicated.


Week 3:

I missed my Monday post, so I put out an extra post the following day.

Not listed here, but I posted Days 1 - 4 of the Anisong List, so that was the bulk of week 3. The goal was to get it done in about a week, but it ended up going to the following week.


Week 4:

The Anisong List took a break, but with my day job undergoing some major changes, this started to impact my creativity. To make up for it, I did some extra posts over the weekend.


End of the Line

Published the last entry of my Spring Anisong list, except it did not share to TAY as I expected. Fixed it Monday morning, did one more regular Playlist entry, and wrote about some additional ideas that ultimately did not make it into this challenge.


So if we tally this up (note, the Anisong Article is six separate posts which is listed on the Change Log for each day it was updated) and include this post (7/1 - 7/31)

  • Number of Posts: 31
  • Number of Written Articles: 19
  • Number of Shorter Posts (The Playlist, News, etc.): 12

Total Count:

  • Number of Posts: 61
  • Number of Written Articles: 40
  • Number of Shorter Posts (The Playlist, News, etc.): 21

Within the time span of two months, I managed to post at least once a day (though not daily as evident this past month) with at least 40 different articles. Overall, while I didn’t reach the full 60 the way I wanted (which was expected as I wanted to keep two days “free”), 40 is much higher than I initially thought I’d write out if I didn’t tap out first..


SixTAY Day Favorite Posts

With the shorter turnaround time, my first thoughts going into this challenge was my writing would suffer given I’ve been known to spend up to a month working on and off on my lengthier articles. That said, there were a few posts I’m particularly proud of despite having to meet a daily quota:


E3 was a busy week, so I had plenty to discuss, but above else I was excited about what comes next. New games, surprise moments, and the memes made were just some of the quick highlights at this year’s convention.


Written on short notice, I wanted to briefly highlight this monumental moment given all the ups and downs of this incredible series. It would be difficult to cover it all in a single night, but it goes to show how much this series means to people years after its original run or those discovering it now.


A reactionary post I wrote after the One Punch Man game reveal. With a burning intensity, I recall spending two nights on it to highlight this annoying trend of arena brawlers that’s been holding back developers from attempting anything new in the world of anime games.


I can’t tell you how difficult it was to write this initially without diving into some of the darkest corners of my past and coming to terms with my own reality. But while I was coming up with the ending and the season finale arrived, all I could think about was that final scene on the boat. I don’t have all the answers now, but I’ve taken the first steps to removing my own shackles.


The only article to have the honor of coming out of the drafts section some two years after the fact! This one wasn’t too deep, but it was a fun detour and a way to share a little about my other interests.

Final Thoughts

I’ve learned a lot from this writing challenge and got to see a little more from the community for those who either participated, commented, or clicked on one of my articles. Whether it was managing my time, setting a deadline or goal, or just making sure to publish something for the day, this challenge helped me understand my current limitations and how to grow as a writer. Though not everything worked out the way I wanted to, I kept at it and was able to keep afloat on a weekly, if not daily, basis.


The SixTAY Days of Writing might be over, but I’m not going anywhere. Following an extended break, I plan to continue writing. It won’t be as frequent as it has been these past two months, but hopefully it will be more than once a month or whatever the amount I was posting prior to this challenge. Once again, to everyone who took part in this, ThePickyGamer for organizing, and to all who supported this madman and his ramblings, thank you for reading!

...Not Dead Yet.


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